“Your only responsibility is the state of your own consciousness.”

Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to my virtual space. I appreciate you for being here.

The ideas I share on my site are inspired by many beautiful people I have met throughout my life. My friends, my family, my great teachers. By many beautiful books I have read and which formed me and my view on the world. I have lived my life as well as I could. I fell and I made many mistakes. I riced and kept on going. And fell again. I didn’t give up on me, on life. I often judged myself hard and compared myself with others. I still do this at times. But today I see it more clearly. I lean back and observe. I see my patterns, my faults, my fears. I also see my strong sides and my talents. I choose to embrace it all. All my parts, including my shadows. 

We are humans after all. Messy and imperfect. But we are also so much more. I believe that in our souls we are pure love. We are created by love and to love we return. We are loved, hold and carried, by love, no matter how difficult life happens to be. This is how we grow. This is how we live life. This is what I believe. This is my baseline.

I am fascinated by life and human nature, and I love to explore how we can create the best versions of ourselves. How we can feel better in our bodies, relax our minds and connect inside, to the precious wisdom we all contain.

I love yoga. It helps me slow down and feel. Observe the body’s intelligence. Feel the breath, the heartbeat. Feel how everything in the body is connected and works together.

I believe that when we soften into our inner space, into that space beyond our minds, we can experience who we truly are. We can taste our essence. Suddenly we feel beautiful. When we feel this way, we think beautiful thoughts and do beautiful things. We generate beautiful vibes around us. We attract things and situations of the same quality. We create our reality. 

I love how universal yoga is, in a way how we can find it in anything we do. Staying present on the yoga mat and outside the mat too. When we wash the dishes, make our meals or talk to people. When we take a cold bath, or when we sit and meditate. To observe our thoughts, our feelings. We can always deepen our breath and soften a little bit more, wherever we are. We can always connect back to that magical space inside of us, where everything is perfect. All it takes our decision. Where do we wish to place our energy? What do we want to be aware of? 

There are many tools which help us support wellbeing in our lives. We are all so different and still so similar. We all have a human body, we all have feelings, we all want to to be happy. We want to be loved. And in ,my opinion, one of the keys of the live is to discover that we already are loved. We have always been loved. We can not not be loved, because love is who we are. So much beauty comes from this state of deep understanding of this truth. So much safety, freedom and gratitude. The more love we feel, the more love we radiate. The more love we attract into our lives.

I wish to fill my work with inspiration, based on my passions. Things which make me feel connected to my essence, to life force. Things which are fun. Which light me inner fire. 

Drawing, this beautiful creative process which keeps me in the present moment and fills me with joy and fulfilment.

Food, in form of delicious, healthy and beautiful creations as a celebration of the pleasure of having a body, while respecting it as a temple, a seat of sacred intelligence. As a celebration and tribute to Mother Nature, full of abundance and precious gifts we receive every day.

I really hope you enjoy your time here and get inspired in any possible way.

Much love from my heart to yours!



If you are interested in my personal story continue reading here..;)

Who am I

I think that we should ask ourselves this question daily.

Who are we?  Why are we?? 

You might have heard: “We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having human experience.” 

As these words resonate with me strongly, I boldly use them and introduce myself as a spiritual being who came to this planet to experience humanity. My parents called me Renata, which comes from Italian re-naissance – rebirth. 

I was born and grew up in the Czech republic, in the heart of Europe. My hometown Trinec, has some beautiful hills and forests. It also has a smelly and ugly iron factory, so some people call it  The Mordor.

As a child I liked to dance, draw and create things. I loved to be outside and explore the world. In the geography class I would often stare at the map of the world and dream myself into many far away places. I specially liked the Nordic countries. After secondary school I went hitch hiking in Norway together with my friend Marcela. The trip was one big adventure full of exciting situations, interesting people and fascinating nature. I deeply fell in love with Norway.

The autumn came and with it my university studies. I chose to study law because my mind said it made sense. I did not ask my heart because at that time I did not know I should. During my studies I attended Hatha yoga classes. I also self studied Norwegian. I loved all the weird letters and sounds this language had to offer. Every year I would save some money for a little trip to Norway, the fairy tale land:)

My education lead me to Prague where I got a law related job. It was a good, safe job, from 9am to 4pm with often business travels. My job thought me many different things. Most importantly it showed me what I did not want in my life. It took me 3 years to find the power to actually change it. Big thanks to many OSHO books and every day morning meditations and visualisations. I finally decided to quit my job and move to Norway. This time I asked my heart for answers. It felt so right! I felt free, alive and ready for new episode of my life.

It was not easy to find a job which would please me in Norway. After a while I got frustrated and stopped trying so hard. At that time I learnt a big lesson. We don’t always have to do it all by ourselves. We do our best and then let the Univers take care of the rest. Realising this and letting go, the job came. I spent next 3 years working part time at a refugee center in a little Sami village far away north. It was a valuable and intense experience which I am very grateful for.

My life in Norway felt like a beautiful fairy tale. Raw mountains, sharp arctic air, ice cold sea, wild berries and heartful people. It’s been almost 13 years since I moved to Norway and every single day I am amazed at how beautiful the nature is.

Since my job was part time, I had much more time to do things I loved: drawing, hiking, experimenting in the kitchen and practising yoga. In 2012 I discovered Tara Stiles and her amazing yoga videos on youtube, and here is when Strala yoga luckily enters into my life. I travelled to Strala headquarter in NYC a couple of times to attend Strala summer camp and Ready to lead 200 hours teachers training. In February 2016 I was also given and amazing opportunity to be a guest guide at Strala NYC – an experience which I am beyond grateful for. You can read more about my relationship with Strala yoga here.

Nowadays, I live in Tromsø. A cool university town in the North. I love to bathe in the cold sea. I love to go to the sauna in the harbour. I love to bring people together in silent retreats at special places. At the recent retreat we served only raw food and it was EPIC. Total abundance, people! OMG.
I love to hold cacao rituals. I love to draw. I am currently working on creating a brand with nut butters. I am also learning Spanish and planning to spend a couple of winter months in Portugal and Spain.

Most of all I love to BE IN UNION WITH LOVE. GOD. UNIVERSE. Whatever brings me there I go for it.

So, this is me. Every day I forget who I really am. Every day I turn back inside and upside. I connect with my soul, with the depth of my being. I create a sacred space filled with love, with the divine. Every day I remember a bit more of who I am. Until I forget again and let myself be taken by little dramas. And then I come back, sit down in meditation. I accept myself with all my messy parts and I keep on trying to do my best. 

What a journey, this life!:)

Let me close with a quote from the beautiful book by James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy


“You are so much more than what you think you are!”


Renata Rucka

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