Earthy smoothie for total satisfaction

Honestly, it is totally mind blowing for me every time I use bunch of fresh vegetables in  my smoothie and it still tastes like a real treat! A treat which stops hunger, satisfies sweet tooth, nourishes and hydrates and gives plenty of energy! It is made in 5 minutes and looks super beautiful.

How incredible is the N A T U R E ?


What do I need?

1 frozen banana

1 cup of frozen raspberries or other berries

2 celery stalks

2 leaves of kale

1 cup of water or coconut water

little bit of cucumber, I used 2 cm

For the chocolate: 1-2 tsp of cacao powder, 1 tsp of coconut oil, salt, vanilla – optional.

What do I do?

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth, pour in a glass or bowl and top with nuts, seeds, extra berries and some raw chocolate. Ready to serve!

Hope you’re feeling great after this.:)

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