Coffeeshop – the magic space?

One of the first things which interest me in a city are the coffeeshops. Somehow they help me understand the city and its folks better.

I love when opening the door feels like entering a different world. A sensual world of uplifting music, freshly brewed coffee and buzzling vibes.  SELLANRAA book & bar cafe in Trondheim is such a place.

The big wall with contemporary reads, high glass windows, great coffee and excellent local food. We are talking fresh scones with homemade jam, smoked cheese on rye bread, chocolate truffles and that three layer cake I plan to taste soon. Yes, this place is a gem.:)

I like to come here and join this atmosphere. I pick random recipe books or dream myself  away in the beautiful interior magazines. I write or draw, explore the menu, taste different meals, observe the people, or simply just sit back and soak in the entire place.

Actually, visiting a place like this and making it a ritual can be super recharging and enriching! So much inspiration in every corner!:)

Last time I was there I found a book by Steve McCurry called Portraits. Beautiful work! Basically the whole book is about powerful portraits of people coming mostly from places like India, Tibet, Afghanistan or Indonesia. I like the opening words:

“For me, the portraits in this book speak of a desire for human connection; a desire so strong that people who know that they will never see me again open themselves to the camera, all in the hope that at the other end someone else will be watching – someone who will laugh or suffer with them.”

No matter where in the world we live we always long for connectedness. I think it’s because deep inside we feel that we are a part of something big and we want to experience this connection and feel whole. It’s our true nature. That is why yoga and meditation feel so great. It brings us back to who we are.

What are your favourite coffee or tea places and what you love about them most? I would love to hear!

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