Raw chocolate truffles

Everything about these chocolate truffles is raw. The ingredients, the taste, the look and the health benefits.

The idea of making them came from visiting Sellanraa, my favourite coffee & book place in Trondheim. They were selling these big chocolate truffles and when I saw them I wanted to make them as soon as I get back home. And so I did!

All the ingredients I used to make these truffles are natural and delicious. They are very easy to make and can be stored in the fridge or freezer ready for your to indulge whenever you need a luxurious treat with extra health boost. How? Let s have a look at the ingredients:

Walnuts are great for brain and heart, prevent breast cancer, improve sleep and the quality of skin and hair.

Cacao powder is a powerful antioxidant – prevents premature ageing, works as a mood improver, balances serotonin levels, prevents blood cloths, creates a lot of energy and combats fatigue.

Spices improve digestion, boost immune system, reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar and have antioxidant effects.

Coconut oil prevents heart disease, improves memory and brain function, energy and endurance and reduces stomach ulsters.

Dates contain a lot of minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium which are beneficial for health. They relieve constipation, help to cure intestinal disorder, strengthen bones, increase energy and boost nervous system!

What do I need?

10 dates

pinch of vanilla, salt, cinnamon, black pepper or chili

3 spoons of cacao powder

1 spoon softened coconut oil

2 spoons nut butter – optional but super good! I prefer hazelnut butter

1 cup of cold strong coffee or only water if you want to skip the coffee

1 handfull of walnuts

Your own choice of toppings: cacao powder, crashed nuts, shredded coconut, goji berries..

What do I do?

Soak the dates in the cold coffee for at east 15 minutes, then strain them and place into  the food processor together with all the ingredients. You end up with a sticky dough which needs to rest in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes, or if you are impatient like me just for 10 minutes. Afterwards, form small truffles and roll them in cacao powder or other topping you prefer.

PS: If the dough still feels too sticky after you took it out from the fridge, or if you want it to be more filling, add some oats, chia seeds or shredded coconut. Use you intuition to create your own delicious version!

Enjoy this healthy treat as a snack, dessert or a little energy kicker.

Make them for friends  or family. Everyone loves them!:)

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