New York, New York!

The Big Apple. Home to many movies, celebrities, chilled coffeeshops, organic whole foods stores, exciting people, big brands and endless possibilities. Also the STRALA YOGA headquarter!

Coming to Strala, participating at yoga trainings, workshops, taking classes, leading classes and hanging with Strala people felt so very special to me. The place is like a warm,  friendly, easygoing island in the middle of the always busy and super intense ocean. I love coming back again and again.

Founder of Strala Tara Stiles is a super inspiring and radiant lady who is doing amazing work in the world every day, by encouraging people to cultivate ease, light and grace in their bodies and lives. Make your own rules! Be the space maker! Take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others! are some of her mottos which I like a lot. Read more about my relation to Strala here.

I feel like every time I am in NYC, after a while there is a shift happening. I start to get into this everything is possible feeling and I become much more open to other people and opportunities. It’s almost like I join some kind of special collective consciousness of the place…

Talking about joining vibes of a place.. coffeeshops come into my mind. Gasoline Alley! This tiny hipster coffee place became my favourite hang out before or in between Strala classes. Exciting people, great coffee, cool music, buzzling city vibes. Soak it all in! I wonder how many soy cappuccinos I have bought here…?

La Colombe was another great place. I loved their big mugs and strong americano. Very Scandinavian.:)

I liked how open, friendly and including newyorkers were. Nice small talks with a cashier at Whole foods or while waiting in line for coffee happened often and naturally.  I got used to it quite easily and when back in Europe I found people rather closed and protective..

Obviously, NYC is all about amazing food. I guess everyone loves Wholefoods, a huge store with mostly organic products of any possible choice. Mostly I would buy lots of fruits, veggies, nut butter and vegan ice cream and combine them all together to make delicious sweet meals.

My absolutely favourite eating places are Jack’s wife Freda for their divine caramel cheesecake and all the wonderful people there, Siggy’s for the insane banana pancakes and Beyond sushi for the mind blowing vegan sushi and big rolls. Also  Quintessence for they raw delicious everything!


Hope to see you soon, NYC!:)

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