Let there be light!

Naturally, we incline to light. We go where light is, the plants turn towards light, photographers chase after light as the magic ingredient for their work. Light brings joy and positivity. Light supports life.

Imagine a morning, the rising sun, a new day beginning. Everything is still, fresh and bright. This little spark of something great, so present and real. Something big out there, or right in here? Or both?

What if light is who we are? What if we are made of light and we can bring it where darkness is? How would it feel to be a magician and send the light into every difficult situation? A magician who always has a choice to choose light and love, instead of darkness and fear..


Have we not all experienced it? When we dwell in the dark, we attract more darkness. The more we lean into love and light, the more love and light we radiate and invite into our reality.

Every single moment we can make this shift and choose light and ease over darkness and tension. It is not easy but once we manage to make this shift, we change the whole scenario of what comes next.

In every day life we have many opportunities to make this shift and see what happens. It can become a playful and creative process where we can explore and learn more about ourselves. We may meet people who evoke some negative feelings in us, like anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, sadness but deep inside we have the power to choose how we feel. We are the creators of our reality. Instead of blaming the people, we can change perspective and see them as our teachers.

Also, by sending negative thoughts to others, we not only support their negativity but we feel even worse. Often we don’t know what these people are going through, what their inner fights are. We can become the magicians and send light instead. If we manage that, we support their true nature as well as ours, and we immediately start to feel better.

How to do it? How can we change how we feel?

It’s very useful to slow down and simply feel, whenever we have an opportunity. Feel the breath, deepen the breath. Create more space with every inhale, relax with every exhale. Staying in the flow of our breath helps  quiet the mind and connect more with the heart, with the life within. Once connected like that we can choose what we focus on. We can play and visualise, fill the heart with peace, joy and light. See the light spreading into the whole body, into every cell. We can even use this light as a powerful healing agent and send it to a person, an animal, a tree, the planet or simply out into the vast universe. The light always goes where it’s needed. Our job is to connect with  our inner light and bring it out into the world. This always creates amazing feelings. This is how we can become magicians.

I find a lot of inspiration while listening to the audiobook The Univers has your back, by Gabrielle Bernstein. I make notes while listening to every capture and use them daily to straighten my relationship with the Life force, to become more conscious of what is happening in my life, to stay more present. This helps me create small miraculous shifts every day. There is a lot of powerful affirmations in the book adapted to different situations. They are eye opening and work fast. They help shift the perspective and reconnect with the inner wisdom.

“Our happiness is a direct reflection of how quickly we can restore our fear back to love.”

Gabrielle Bernstein


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