The yoga chocolate bar

Yoga and chocolate are big friends. They both have power to make us feel ecstatic! If you have read more recipes on this site you probably already know that I am talking about the chocolate  which nurtures your body and soul because of the ingredients it contains. Cacao powder, coconut oil, maple sirup or dates.

The reason why I call this chocolate bar for yoga chocolate bar is because it gives you the perfect energy before a yoga class, when you do not want to eat a lot but still need that extra kick which will make your class more enjoyable. Also, it can make a nice after yoga snack when you get home from your class super hungry and need to recharge with something sweet before you start to make dinner. Actually, anytime you have a sweet tooth and want to indulge yourself, this bar is a good option. It contains oats, nuts and seeds – filling and nurturing,  and cacao, dates and coconut oil –  super satisfying.


The recipe is the same as for the raw chocolate truffles, the only difference is that you add 4-5 TBSP of oats into the dough and 1 TBSP of flax seeds or other seeds you prefer. You can also add dried fruits if you like it.

To make the chocolate bars it’s important to place the dough into the freezer first so that it is more solid and easier to work with. Once it’s ready you place it on a baking paper, cover with another baking paper and roll over so that you end up with a flat surface about 1 cm high. Then put in the freezer again until it’s harder. Cut in the pieces and enjoy!:)

You can also make small chocolate balls which you roll in sunflower seeds of chopped nuts, if you prefer. In this case the dough doesn’t need to get so hard in the freezer, it can stay little sticky.

These energy balls make great little gifts too, so go ahead and make someone happy with what you create!:)

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