Shall I become a minimalist? What does it mean at all?

Minimalism. I have been hearing this word for quite a long time from all different directions and started to examine it more. I found out I actually had some minimalism traces in me already and wanted to further develop them because it is super interesting and makes a lot of sense.

For me, being a minimalist means creating more space and clarity in my life by removing things which no longer serve me and consume my energy instead. I like to find new ways how to simplify what I do, eliminate struggle and invite more ease and fun into the process. It’s basically like Strala yoga.:)


Minimalism friendly quotes:

Work less, gain more freedom.

Own less, gain more space.

Use less plastic, make Nature happier.

Do more with less effort.

Worry less, laugh more.

Take less, give more.

Hate less, love more.

Love more!

Let me tell you about my cool friends Adam and Aleksandra. Highly inspiring people,  digital nomads and total minimalists. Very openminded, authentic and loving.  They own very little things, travel loads and as there is a lot of space in their lives, they choose what they want to fill it with – often with day to day adventures:) Find out more about these two life explorers, plant eaters and special humans here: Adam Marcan and Aleks Glitzeric.


Now, here are some tips on how to bring some fresh minimalistic air into every day life which work for me:

CLOTHES. I asked myself: How much clothes do I own and how much of them do I REALLY use? Why do I have 8 pairs trousers when I only have two legs? So, I went through my wardrobe and kept only the clothes which I USE and which I LOVE. The rest of the clothes I thanked to and gave them to charity or friends. Chances are that someone will both love and use these clothes. I ended up with happy feelings and more space. Also, it became much easier to get dressed every morning.

MY PLACE. I love big wooden rustic tables which are clean and almost empty! This gives me a feeling of space and calm and it immediately triggers my creativity. Making sure that the working desk, dinner table or any other table is kept nice and clean always gives me a ood feeling and increases my energy level. Also, the process of cleaning the table, wiping off all the crumbles and dirt is very transformative. It feels like I am cleaning my mind from all the rubbish. For more inspiration on how to minimalise your place check this article: Minimalise your apartment.

DECORATION. I think of decoration as something that makes my space look nice, as well as it makes me feel good when I look at it. Preferably, it is something  I use, create or find in nature. I love to use clothes, shoes, bags or jewerly as decoration by simply hanging them on the wall or placing them on the floor. I love bringing stones to my place and let them just stand on the floor:) Also, I love to make drawings or grow plants. My favourites are mangos, sunflowers or flax seeds. They are all so easy to sprout and plant at home and grow really fast. They make beautiful living decoration! I like to grab paper cups at the coffeeshops and use them for planting.  They are very nice to draw or write on!

FOOD. What we eat we become. We have heard it 100 times. So why not to keep it simple by choosing fresh, good quality food which both nourishes the body, tastes good and does not poison anyone? What if we only buy what we want to become? What if we bring our own bags with us to avoid buying more plastic bags and creating more waste? It actually feels very nice and it makes the planet happier. It is also very satisfying to create some system in the kitchen, clean the shelfs and cupboards. Buy different glass jars at a flea market or use empty jars from foods and fill them will nuts, seeds, lentils, rice etc. They look beautiful and inspire to eat healthier.

YOU. This is the most important part. How do you create space in you? For me it is 3 main things: yoga, meditation and nature. I love NYC based STRALA YOGA because it shows how to make more space in your body and mind. Moving everything you have in all possible direction, with ease. Creating more space with every inhale, entering this new space with every exhale. It works! Try some of youtube videos here Strala yoga easy flow . MEDITATION helps you step out from the illusion that you only are a little person with your physical body and always talking mind. It helps you see yourself as something bigger and more complex, it makes you feel more alive, spacious and loving. Watch an inspiring   video about meditation here: Charlie Knoles – vedic meditation teacher


Have a great day and use the maximum out of it, because it is what minimalists do!:)

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