Norway’s best breakfast?

Often we feel this urge to experience the best. The best breakfast, the best restaurant, the best hotel, the best car…the best, the best, the best..  We almost feel like if we do not, we  will be missing out on something and our life will not be complete!:)

Couple of days ago I accidentally found myself in the hotel serving the best breakfast in Norway –  10 years continually. Here is how it went.

There was a lot of pretty much everything. Juice bar, coffee bar, pancake bar, cheese bar, egg bar.. Breads, yogurts, teas, jams, cereals, fishes, dishes, meringues, croissants, chocolate.. We could go on and on.

“Would you like more coffee, madame?” 

How did it feel? Impressive, overhelming, posh or simply too much! My minimalistic spirit felt kind of trapped in all the best, longing for simplicity and more intimacy. One head, one belly, too many choices! What is happening in us once we can have it all? Where is the connectedness gone?

Once again, yes, it’s impressive, but now I am even more sure that we are absolutely not missing out if we do not experience what someone decided is “the best”. It’s just our mind creating more desires and frustrations. We can create our own best breakfast in our own place. Chances are we end up with something great, tasting amazing, costing less. Chances are we end with more magic and less waste, happy with what we have – it’s only us who decides what is best for us anyway.


 “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.”
                                                                                                                                                              Bob Marley

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