Yogi tea – the ayurvedic magic drink

During my student years I was living in Brno – a beautiful historical city in the south of the Czech republic which has so much to offer! I really appreciated the vibrant cultural life, beautiful nature, fruit and vegetable markets and lots of tea rooms – super relaxed Middle East inspired places which serve tea, water pipes and exotic snacks. The smell of scents and spices in the air, people sitting on the floor around small round tables, intimate music. So nice! Their speciality was the yogi tea – big cup of warm sweet milky drink smelling cinnamon and honey. Almost like chai, just stronger and less sweet.

I recently rediscovered this delicious comfort drink and made my own vegan version. I love  to start every morning with a huge cup of it! It’s very nourishing and energising without getting me overexcited – something that often happens  when I drink coffee.

What do I need?

2 big cups cold water

3 tsp black tea

spices:  2 cm fresh ginger, 0,5 tsp black pepper, 0,5 tsp dried turmeric,  0,5 tsp cinnamon, (0,5 tsp cardamon  optional)

1 micro touch salt

2 tsp honey

1 cup soy milk or oat milk

What do I do?

Place all the spices into a saucepan with water and cook until the water starts to boil, let it cook for 5-10 minutes. Then turn off the stove and add the black tea. Cover with a lid and let it rest for 3-5 minutes. Strain and pour into a cup. Warm up the milk and add it to your tea. You can foam the milk if you wish more fluffy drink. Finally, add the honey and you are ready to get warm and energised!

This tea is not only delicious but it also boosts your health. Here is how:

Black pepper helps against asthma and other respiratory problems. It’s anti-aging and blood purifying.

Ginger keeps you vital and warm. It’s great for your digestion, helps against cold and detoxifies the body.

Cinnamon has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Also, it prevents menstrual cramps.

Turmeric works as a natural liver detoxifier and pain killer, it has antidepressive and antibacterial properties and helps lower blood sugar.

Natural pharmacy right in your cup!:)

2 responses to “Yogi tea – the ayurvedic magic drink”

  1. Hey, very nice article. Thanks for sharing this recipe for the ayurvedic drink. It is more beneficial for the girls as we are more concerned about our skin and always want our skin to look flawless and young which will remain because of the anti-aging property of black pepper. Keep sharing such posts.

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