Bulletproof hot chocolate.




Autumn is here! Long walks, beautiful colours, leaves in the air, cafe hang-outs, big cups of hot chocolate – the perfect autumn treat! Very warm, very tasty. Rich but not too heavy. Nourishing, energising and caring. Yes, I am a picky girl when it comes to chocolate and I still have not found the dream hot chocolate at any cafe. So, I make my own hot chocolate at the cafe called home. 🙂 Do you feel like trying out?

What do I need?

1 big cup oat milk

1 tsp softened coconut oil

1 tsp of sweetener of your choice (coconut sugar or honey or a piece of chewy licorice stick) – optional but nice!

3 tsp cacao powder

pinch of vanilla and salt

chili powder  – optional but great!

pinch of cinnamon or cacao powder on top

What do I do?

In a saucepan warm up the milk until hot. Pour the milk into a blender and blend with the rest of the ingredients. Blending the milk makes a nice soft foam. Pour into warmed cups, sprinkle some cinnamon or cacao on top and serve. If you like your chocolate very warm, heat it up in the saucepan one more time before serving. Voila Le Chocolat Chaud! 

I hope you enjoy this indulging hot treat and I wish you beautiful autumn!:)


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