Connectedness: Yoga Retreat on Senja, Northern Norway

Strala yoga
Great food
Raw desserts classes
Special guests!

March 13 – March 17 (18) 2018

Welcome to the nordic retreat with lots of natural movement, meditations, arctic nature, ice bathing, wood-fired sauna, delicious food and raw desserts! We are going to explore the feeling of connectedness and learn to create more of it in everyday life. This is a great time to unwind, slow down, explore, open up, revitalise, get fascinated and inspired.

The location

The retreat takes place at the beautiful Kråkeslottet on the most western part of Senja – Norway´s second biggest island. The place of magic realism. An exciting blend of pulsing ocean, dramatic mountains and white beaches. Peace and intensity. A cultural venue where artists from all over the world come to work and present their projects. A home to vibrant music and art festivals in summer time.

The daily schedule
The days will start with optional ice bathing and hot drinks, then meditation and morning yoga class followed by a nice nourishing breakfast. There will be free time before lunch, then afternoon yoga or a workshop. The day will round off with dinner and an evening activity – sauna, film, dance, meditation.

 Strala yoga

_OMH9347NYC based, nature inspired yoga style which builds on breath/body connection, natural movement while cultivating ease and grace. Moving meditation. Never ending exploring.  Create your own yoga which perfectly fits your body and end up with an experience of joy, calm and strength.

The food

Home made, delicious, fresh food will be served daily. The focus on short traveled food, local sea weed, fish and herbs. Lots of vegetable dishes. Raw desserts cooking classes will be a fun and delicious part of the retreat! Plus, there is a culinary star in the kitchen! Continue reading!

Special guests
There will be special guests at the retreat! My amazing Venetian friends Zaira Zarotti and Francesco Pettenà. Zaira is an amazing food blogger and genius in the kitchen. Both are creators of the beautiful Freaky raku pottery and Francesco is also a certified shiatsu master. They are going to add their magic to the Connectedness retreat. Exciting!

Watch the trailer here:

Included in the price
6 Strala yoga classes
2 Strala yoga workshops
4 Meditation sessions
4 or 5 nights accommodation – possibility to stay until March 18!
2 Cooking classes: raw desserts
Wood fired sauna
Possibility for tango beginners class
Transport between Finnsnes and Bøvær – takes about 1 hour
3 meals a day – nourishing breakfast, nice lunch, exciting dinner
Green tea, herbal tea, organic coffee, fresh water, vegan hot chocolate and chaga latte


Booking details
Dates: March 13 – March 17 or March 18 2018
Location: Bøvær, Senja, Northern Norway
Organizing partner: Kråkeslottet Senja

Price: 860 euros

Number of participants: 10

Transport: We recommend to take the flight number DY334 Norwegian Air Shuttle, from Oslo to Bardufoss airport, on March 13 (the departure time 14:45) and then a bus shuttle to Finnsnes where we will pick you up. In a case you travel through Tromsø airport Langnes, there is a ferry going from Tromsø to Finnsnes on March 13 (departure time 16.10). Flights to Northern Norway are not included. Transport between Finnsnes to Bøvær is included in the price.

Everyone is welcome at the retreat. It respects current health conditions of all participants. The classes and workshops do not require any special skills or physical condition. All the activities are optional.

Prices are per person. A separate booking must be made for each person. Use the contact address below to book your spot.

All bookings are final with no refund. In case of illness or force majeure we will do our best to find a solution/have another participant take the space. It is possible to give your space to a friend, just inform us at least 1 week before the retreat takes place via email

Follow this link to learn about general terms and conditions.


4 responses to “Connectedness: Yoga Retreat on Senja, Northern Norway”

  1. Gry Sofie Flobak Avatar
    Gry Sofie Flobak

    Hi Renata, vil veldig gjerne være med på yogaretreaten i mars. Hørte om deg fra Florencia, og håper å treffe henne på Senja! Forsøker få med en venninne men vi er ikke pro i yoga, er det ok? Hilsen Gry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hei Gry! Så hyggelig at du har lyst til å være med på retreaten på Senja! Og så morsomt at du er venninna til Florencia! Ja, det er fremdeles ledige plass. Det er ikke i det hele tatt farlig at dere ikke er pro i yoga!:) Hvis du/dere er seriøst interessert var så snill å send meg en epost til, så sender jeg deg mer info. Ha en fin dag! Hilsen Renata


  2. Dear Renata! I would have seriously considered this retreat if it just was during the winter vacation this side of the country, but unfortunately i cannot leave my commitments here at this time 😦 Feeling so sorry about this, because I so wanted to. Hoping and looking forward to the next opportunity and wishing you and all the lucky retreaters an awesome time together! ❤ Big love from Stråla Sister from Oslo fjord!


    1. Hi Mei! I see now that I have not responded to your words! What a shame! I am sorry about it!:) Let me send you good vibes and hugs from Senja! I hope we will meet one day and share our experience around Strala. I m holding a yoga weekend here in mai. You are very welcome to come. If not we will for sure meet at some point! Maybe I ll attend some of your classes. It would be awesome !
      Have a great weekend! Renata


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