The nordic spoon

Wood, shells and natural colours.

Two hands, a dose of patience, passion and joy.

This is the nordic spoon.

Made by me. For you.

Here is the story behind ..

One evening while walking on a white sand beach on Senja island, I found an interesting shell. It had a rare shape. Round edges and flat bottom. Somehow it reminded of a spoon. This would be fun to eat with, I thought. How could I turn this cool shell into a spoon? Combine it with another natural materials? Wood? Metal? The spoon idea started to thrill in my head. I had to try to make some.

The first spoons looked funny. The handle was a bit clumsy and too thick. The cuts were imperfect and I cut my fingers here and there. But I kind of liked them. I carried on. I used sand paper to smooth out the wood and rubbed it with rowan tree leaves. This gave it a nice colour and even smoother surface. Then I burned the wood gently over a candle to give in a nice patina.

The spoons started to look good. I got hooked. Hooked on spoons.


I experimented with more colours. I used blueberries, cacao, turmeric and even moist soil! I massaged some olive oil into the wood to protect the surface. Then a friend of mine, an experienced potter told me about paraffin oil he was using for his ceramics. I went to the pharmacy and bought a bottle of liquid paraffin. Super exciting! I found a more efficient technique of making the cut into the edge where the shell would sit. I removed the sharp parts of the shells with a super cutter. The whole process became faster and easier.

Suddenly I needed more shells. I drove to new beaches and found new kinds of shells. They all looked so beautiful! I am now using three different types:  the sand shell Mya arenaria – more flat and longthe limpet shell Patella vulgata – with a funnel shape and the dosinia shell Dosinia exoleta – a nice round shape.

I have to say that I really enjoy the process of making these spoons. I love to look at a piece of wood and think that this will be soon turned into a spoon. I also like that every spoon is different. Often when I want to give a spoon to somebody I choose the one which reminds me most of the person. Almost like if every spoon had its own personality.

Now, how is it to eat with this spoon?
I use the spoon mostly to eat smoothie bowls, porridge, ice cream and yogurt. Somehow it feels more subtle and graceful. More slow. Very fun! It is also nice to look at someone who eats with the spoon. It gives an elegant look. So if you wanna look graceful while eating this spoon is something for you.:)

How about cleaning the spoons?
The best way to clean the spoon is to wash it directly after use. It doesn´t tolerate washing machine. It prefers human touch.:) The shell sits very well in the handle, because of a special clue used for wood, but still it´s a shell, so if you drop it on the floor it might break. It needs gentle treatment. Because it is gentle.


I often use the nordic spoons as gifts for friends. I usually pack them in dried grass together with some wild herbs. I use recycled paper for packaging and shipping. I put my heart into every single spoon and I am very glad when people like them.


I´ll be very happy if you decide to get some spoons for you or your family and friends. The spoons are available in three different colours of the wood:  Rogn, Kakao, Blåbær and you can order your spoons by contacting me directly by e-mail:

The nordic spoon goes very well together with the special Freaky Raku ceramics made by my dear and super talented Italian artist friends Zaira Zarotti and Francesco Pettenà. Their plates, cups and bowls have a very natural and minimalistic look. I love them so! Every single piece is unique, full of passion and care.

”Absurdly imperfect!” is how they describe their art. As it stands on their webside:

The “freaky raku” is a project about the search for beauty that can be found in the uniqueness of anything that is not perfect. Every object has its own story, its own time and its own soul.


This photo is by Zaira Zarotti








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