Yoga weekend. “Embracing the winter.”

Kråkeslottet Senja, 30. November – 2. December 2018

Another exciting weekend retreat packed with powerful self care tools. Revitalise your body and mind with yoga and meditation. Indulge yourself with nourishing food, hot chocolate, sauna and time to rest. 


During this weekend we will focus on enjoying the winter rather then surviving it. We will practice gaining and conserving energy through yoga, meditation and ice bathing (optional, but to be recommended). We will introduce some efficient tools for how to stay connected, strong and bright no matter how dark the winter gets.

Strala yoga which we will be practising during the weekend, was developed in NYC as a fusion of yoga, dance and thai chi. Inspired by nature, Strala is a dynamic and organic yogaform which invites you to move how it feels natural for you, while providing structure, guidance and safety.  The goal is to cultivate ease and grace in your yoga and life, feel uplifted and grounded.

Move like water, fueled by your breath.



Meditation is another amazing tool which helps you tune in, feel and create balance in your body and mind. We will use different meditation techniques: connecting to the nature elements, activating different energy areas in your body,  as well as some exciting exercises in couples.


Ice bathing and sauna
Cold water and hot sauna are the ultimate energy boosters and relaxation agents. As the house is literally standing on the sea, we will have many opportunities to dip in the cold water as well as relax in wood fired sauna afterwards. You will be given introduction to ice bathing and learn about its revitalising properties. Read more about the topic here.

Food is in important part of the experience and self care is an essential part of yoga.
During the retreat we will serve delicious, simple and healthy meals three times a day. Breakfasts consist of oat porridge with different toppings like fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, honey, chocolate etc., and delicious smoothie bowls. Dinner is prepared from local mostly organic ingredients: root vegetables, high quality fish, freshly harvested seaweeds. Lunches are for barley waffles and home made bread with various spreads of your choice. (Vegetarian or vegan options will be available on demand.:) 



Friday 30 November
15 – 17 Arriving at Kråkeslottet
17 – 18 Introduction cycle with coffee & vegan brownies
19.30  Dinner
21 – Good night yoga, evening tea and candles:)

Saturday 1 December
7 Ice bathing and hot drink
7.30 – 8.30 Meditation and yoga
9 – 11 Breakfast and break
11 – 13  Yoga and meditation workshop
13.30 Lunch, free time
16 – 18 Yoga workshop
19 Dinner
20 Sauna, free time, movie …?

Sunday 2 December 
7.30 Ice bathing
8 – 9  Morning meditation and yoga
9.30 Breakfast
10.30 – 13 Yoga and meditation workshop
13.30 Lunch and free activities : hiking, reading, harvesting sea weeds….
16 – 18 Leaving Kråkeslottet on own schedule


Practical info

Dates: Friday 30 November – Sunday 2 December

Place: Kråkeslottet Senja, Bøvær

Price: 2900 NOK

Included in the price:
2 night accomodation, 5 yoga and meditation sessions, 2 dinners , 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts
wood fired sauna
bed sheets, towels
yogamats, wool blankets
Single room for everyone
5 bathrooms og toilets – to be shared

Max 10 participants.
The classes are led in english.

We are responsible for the meals. You are welcome to give a hand. 🙂

There is a bus from Finnsnes to Skaland at 12.45 or 15.50 on Friday. We can pick you up at Skaland, which is 5 min drive from Bøvær. It is also possible to arrange the transport with other participants who drive to Bøvær.

On Sunday there is a bus at 18.52 from Skaland back to Finnsnes and from there there is a corresponding boat to Tromsø.  We can also offer an extra night at Kråkeslottet for 400 NOK, including breakfast.

To book your place at the weekend send an e-mail to





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