Together, we created magic ..


Raw nature
Charming house
Exciting people
Heart opening exercises
Breath & movement based yoga
Energising ice bath
Relaxing sauna
Nourishing food



Last weekend I had a pleasure to host a yoga retreat at the beautiful Kråkeslottet on Senja island in North Norway. 12 people from 8 different countries – Norway, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Argentina, England, Russia and Greece met at this special place at the end of the world.

Many of us travelled long hours without knowing who they would meet nor how it would feel, and jumped right into the adventure.
We stepped out of the comfort zones, experienced new things, revitalised and created some pretty ecstatic feelings of joy, togetherness and yes, magic!


So what did we do?
It all flowed very naturally. The days starting with ice bathing, a real game changer which would bring us from the Let me sleep status to I feel so great! status. After hot shower we gathered in a circle in the yoga room to enjoy some energising chai latte before the 1 hour meditation and yoga session. The sounds of the waves and the smell of the freshly built wooden floor made the whole experience even more sensual.

After breakfast we went out for a walk to enjoy the daylight and the great nature which is always so intense and present here.


We ate well. Oh yes! Thank you Johanna, the Dahl master, Laurent, the Crepes master and Georg, the bread master for creating some great culinary experience for us.


In the afternoon we continued the inner exploratory mission with more Strala yoga, heart opening exercises, visual imaginary and stillness. At the end we all felt and looked much more connected, uplifted and open. All this was crowned with some phenomenal Norhern lights. What a gift! So much laughter and awes!

Dinner was followed by en epic sauna experience filled with songs in many different languages, honey and coffee facial scrub, countless sea dips and totally high vibes atmosphere. At midnight the whole house was filled with half naked shining people walking around wrapped in their towels, laughing freely while eating raw ice cream cake.

This sparkling energy would spillover to the following day with more sea bathing, yoga, breakfast of oat porridge with hundred toppings, bare foot hiking and feelings of connectedness and gratitude.



On Sunday afternoon, as we sat down on the floor to gather in the last sharing circle, we experienced that we were different persons. We filled the room with warm and sweet feelings of sublimity and expansion, as we could effortlessly look into one anothers eyes.

I cant express how grateful I am for being able to experience all this. Thank you guys! Lets never forget those feelings and lets tune back into them as often as possible, because its who we really are. Whatever we create from this state will be special.



See you again!


Much love,
Renata (Rebada?:)

PS: Big thanks to Georg, the worlds most dedicated castle guard and to Ulf, the king of Kråkeslottet.


Photos by Graham Austack, Judith Heinrich and Georg Blichfeldt.










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