Meditation. What? Why? How?

I’ve decided to write a post about meditation because it’s one of the biggest subjects in my life (next to ice bathing which is actually also meditation to me). Without exaggerating, I really can not see my life without a regular meditation practice. It is enriching for me in so many ways. I want to increase the awareness around the topic of meditation and inspire more people to benefit from this incredibly powerful tool.

What is meditation and why to do it?

Some of the definitions of meditations are:
– a set of techniques intended to encourage a heightened state of consciousness and focused attention
– a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, and awareness
– a training in awareness with a goal to get a healthy sense of perspective
– a way to get in touch with the infinite and timeless

For me, meditation is the number one care taker. It helps me gain back clarity if my mind gets foggy. It brings me safety and strength when I feel fearful or weak. It calms me down when I get too stressed. It makes me feel loved and being taken care of when I feel alone. It helps me heal my body if it gets out of balance. Most importantly, it helps me  tune in and reconnect with the inner wisdom. It makes me realise who I am and where I want to go. It helps me see beyond my physical body and rediscover the sublime joy of existence as a whole being filled with loving energy and light.
Also, what I experience inside I radiate out. By training my mind, I can influence how I feel, which then determines how I perceive the reality. Isn’t it freaking empowering?
Last but not at all least, meditation is fun! The more you do it, the further it takes you, the more exciting and fun it becomes! What an endlessly fascinating process journey we are on!

If you have a healthy, peaceful mind, your perception of the world reflects that.

Our minds and our bodies are closely connected. If we’re unhappy for an extended time, our immunity system weakens and our bodies become more susceptible to illness. Also, when we’re physically exhausted, it adversely affects our minds. We all know how important it is to take care of our bodies but we often forget that taking care of our minds is also very important.


  • it literally changes your brain. Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar explains how meditation helps develop certain areas of the brain, such as those that are responsible for learning, memory, compassion, empathy, focus and concentration, meanwhile, parts of the brain associated with fear, stress, and anxiety begin to shrink. These are explanations of Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar based on her  interview in the Washington Post 
  • brings clarity and focus in your mind
  • increases creative thinking
  • leads to a healthy, strong and peaceful mind
  • slows down the cellular ageing by making your telomeres longer. Telomeres are protective caps at the ends of chromosomes. During life they grow shorter until they disappear completely which means that the cell can not renew any more.
  • reduces stress by eliminating cortisol from your blood stream
  • makes you feel happy by releasing serotonim into your blood stream
  • makes you feel loved and loving by releasing dopamin into your blood stream
  • balances overall hormonal system
  • strengthens immune system
  • puts you back in touch with your basic goodness
  • brings an overall improvement in your health and wellbeing

How to meditate?

There is many different meditation techniques designed to reach various objectives.
The baseline is to sit comfortably, relax completely and focus on your breathing. Simply observing your thoughts, letting them come and go, without judgement.
Personally I prefer meditations where I use visual imaginary. In this way I give my mind something to focus on. I like to guide my attention to the heart center and invite elevated emotions like calm, joy, love, safety or gratitude into this place.  I visualise a healing light gently radiating from my chest into the whole body and even outside and all around the body. I use the heart center as an anchor point, a core, a place of strength, home. From this center my energy field can evolve and expand far around.
I recorded a 10 min guided meditation called Revitalise the body which you can find on the bottom of the main page together with another two guided meditation. If you are a very beginner and want more information and guidance check out this quick guide to meditation.

Strala yoga – moving meditation

Staying present in your body while moving and breathing. Expanding and creating more space with every inhale,  softening and relaxing with every exhale. Moving slowly enough to FEEL. Practicing ease and grace in your movement and life. Practicing feeling good. This is Strala yoga. NYC based yoga described as a movement system which ignites freedom. It brings together elements of yoga, thai chi, dance and natural movement. It encourages you to move in your own way, use your breath to support the movement and explore every single corner of your body. You feel energised, strong and balanced. Read more about Strala here.



Weekend Strala yoga retreat in North Norway!
15. – 17. February 2019

Would you like to join the weekend full of meditation, yoga, sauna, magical arctic nature and much more? There are still some places left. Find out more here


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