Cabin cafe yoga retreat.

Hello dear friend!

Welcome to your on line cabin cafe yoga retreat!
I am very excited to share with you this space of well being and good vibes!
We will move and breathe together and also prepare some exciting desserts which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

This program contains 10 Strala yoga videos and 4 meditation videos of different length and intensity.
In addition to that there is 6 different easy dessert recipe videos for you to nourish yourself and indulge in a sustainable way!
All together it will be 20 videos which you can add to your self care tools box.
All the videos are uploaded into the FB group called Mountain cabin yoga retreat. There you can also comment, ask questions or even communicate with other participants!

I love practising Strala yoga simply because it feels so great!
Strala guides invite you to create an intimate connection with your body by slowing down, softening enough to be able to feel, and then respond accordingly.
The result is more balance, strength and clarity in your body and mind.
Strala uses breath, movement and mindfulness to create an experience of expansion, ease and joy. You are guided to move in a way which feels most natural and useful for you at any given moment.


As this is the first time for me to arrange an online retreat and as I wish to make it accessible for everyone, I decide to offer this program for a symbolic price of 25 euros, until the rest of May 2020. After that, you can still buy the retreat for a very low price of 50 euros.
It only takes two simple steps to join:

  1. pay by using the payment bottom below and gain access to all the 20 videos for unlimited time!

    Cabin cafe yoga retreat


  2. Join the FB group Mountain cabin yoga retreat to access your videos with yoga, meditations and recipes. (simply send the request on Facebook -Strala yoga Troms- to join the group and I will approve you as a member or contact me on Facebook in a case you for any reason can not access.)


Here are the yoga, meditation and recipe menus!


Espresso                       10 min energising yoga routine
Americano                   15 min yoga for better focus
Capuccino                    20 min easygoing work out yoga routine
Cafe Latte                     30 min chilled yoga flow
Tea time                       15 min comforting yoga fix
Black coffee                 30 min fun yoga flow!
Herbal Tea                   50 min relaxing yoga flow for good night sleep
Ginger tea                    50 min soothing yoga flow
Outdoor cafe               13 min yoga on the snow


13 min     inner party meditation
20 min     gratitude meditation
30 min     Expansion meditation
50 min     long silent meditation


Raw cabin Snickers
Chocolate green smoothie
Chocolate spaghetti
Fruit salad with coconut cream
Green smoothie
Hot chocolate After 8
Rice and fruits a simple cleanse


Yay! Are you excited? I am!

I am so looking forward to meeting you in the virtual world soon!

Lots of love,




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