All is full of love. Remember. It’s time!

It’s time to find the love within us.

It’s time to see the love all around us.

It’s time for the soul based living.

Let's no longer wait for others to give us love. Let's no longer dwell in the illusion of separation. Let's recognise the love we contain. Let's recognise how much loved we are. Because we are loved. Unconditionally. Every day and every second, by the whole UNIVERS. We can never be without love because we are the love itself and love is where we come from. Yet we can decide to stay blind for this love, close our heart and believe in a cruel separation. The gift of free will can be bitter or sweet.

What a bliss to dwell in the heart! Why is it so easy to forget?

Today I'd love to share a practice which I have been exploring recently and which I value so much for its profoundness and simplicity. The idea came to me couple of months ago when I was feeling sad. I realised that what I was craving was love. I was hungry for love. I said to myself: Hey, Renata, you know that love is within you. Now, sit your ass down on the floor, put all your focus into your heart and stay there until you feel love. No matter how long this takes. 
So I did. I sat down and decided to sit there as long as necessary. I refused to give up.

I started to deepen my breathe. My inhales were creating more spaces in me, my exhales helped me let go of tension and settle deeper inwards. I gradually made myself at home in my heart space, in my entire chest. Any time my mind started to wander elsewhere I would gently guide it back. Into my heart. I knew that the more focus I bring there, the more energy will generate and the more my heart opens up, so that it becomes easier for love to flow freely. I started to feel more and more comfort. Warm and cosy, like soft waves which would spread from my chest into all my body. I could feel new emotions crawling in. Safety, happiness and yes, love too. Half an hour passed and I felt blessed and grateful for this gift of love we are constantly carrying inside of us. It has always been there and it will always be there. Like a spring of fresh water for us to drink whenever we are thirsty. Because love is our true nature. How beautiful is that!

Notice the essence. The true web of life. The loving Univers which is radiating through everything, which is here to fill us up with bliss, if we open up for it.

 I got so excited for this heart centred practice that I decided to turn it into a little experiment. I would sit down like this every day for half an hour, for 30 days, and see what comes up, how I feel and where it takes me. 
Today I can say that it has been an exciting and beautiful journey which gave me a lot of support, wisdom and new ideas. I am excited to share it with you and I firmly believe that it can serve you as a great tool to discover a lot of hidden gems inside of you.

The concept is very easy and natural so that even people who don't practice yoga or meditation can do it without big difficulties or frustrations. All you need is to get quiet, use your breath to help you relax, and direct your attention into your heart. Stay open and feel. Keep on coming back to heart, be patient and get ready for some exciting situations coming up. If you have been suppressing your feelings for a long time or if you are going through a tough period in your life, you might experience challenging emotions, you can cry or get over helmed. This is natural since these emotions need to be felt and digested, and will be followed and supported by love. Just be gentle and patient with you and trust your heart. Your heart knows what is best for you. It always calls for your attention.

All you need is to get quiet, use your breath to help you relax, and direct your attention into your heart.

You can do this meditation for 30 minutes a day, as I did, or you can choose a shorter version to start with, or longer version if you wish. If you prefer a guidance you can use the meditation which I recorded for this purpose here.
 I also plan to start a LIVE meditation via Instagram or Facebook, so that we can meditate together and support each other in the process. The more hearts, the more love!:)
For now you can follow this easy description.

Sit down in a position which you can sit in for a while. I like to lean my back towards the wall. Keep your spine long, your chest open and your neck and shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes and focus into your body, in your chest. Take it easy.  Use your breath to relax and soften. Let your inhales create more space in you, and let your exhales bring you deeper. There is nothing else to do, nowhere else to go, just staying in your heart, breathing, relaxing more and more. Enjoy the feeling of softness and spaciousness. The feeling of calm and stillness. Explore all the subtle sensations in you. 

When we soften and rest in stillness, we open a door for ourselves, to the dimension of magic and belonging.

Always come back into your heart, use your breath to create more space and comfort. Make it simple. All you need to do is to rest your awareness in your heart space. When you soften, all the resistance melts away, and the joy starts to flow in. Life is suddenly more real, more detectable. You can feel that you belong, you are a part of one big miracle. As you settle in the heart space you start to open your heart, allowing the love to flow into you, into your body, into your cells, into your life. Feel this love, enjoy this energy. Fill yourself with love. Feel how loved you are. Feel how much you love your body, your soul. Receive love and let it expand your consciousness. Let this love energy radiate and imagine a heart chamber around you, where you can rest. Let this space revitalise you completely. Let it harmonise your energies. Let the love bring you peace, clarity and bliss. Pour this love into any ideas and projects you want to realise in your life. Let it support your wishes.

Connect with the heart space, with the soul space. Tune into the point of nothingness, emptiness and wholeness. Immerse yourself in it. Make it a part of your being. Keep creating your soul centred life.

When it is hard to find peace and connect to the heart, when the mind is turmoiled, just keep on coming back to the centre, soften and settle in your heart.

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