All is full of love. Remember. It’s time!

It’s time to find the love within us. It’s time to see the love all around us. It’s time for the soul based living. Let’s no longer wait for others to give us love. Let’s no longer dwell in the illusion of separation. Let’s recognise the love we contain. Let’s recognise how much loved we are. Because we are loved. Unconditionally. Every day and every … Continue reading All is full of love. Remember. It’s time!

11 minute smile meditation

Let’s make everything in us SMILE! When we smile our body reacts. The brain starts to release many amazing happiness hormons and we feel GREAT! This supports creating balance in body and general healing. Practice this easy, yet powerful meditation any time you need a little uplift in your mood or connect deeper inwards. I really hope you will enjoy this meditation! Let me know … Continue reading 11 minute smile meditation

Spring equinox retreat. Strala yoga and Wim Hof Method weekend on Senja

  Access your inner power and celebrate the spring equinox with us! Come to spend a long weekend in the North! Stay at Kråkeslottet – the charming house on the sea with raw nature all around. Discover the beauty of being more present in your life by practising Strala yoga, natural mindfulness and Wim Hof Method with qualified instructors. Boost your immune system and raise … Continue reading Spring equinox retreat. Strala yoga and Wim Hof Method weekend on Senja

Create magic in your life. Now!

When we are kids we feel that everything around is magical. Everything is exciting and fascinating. We play, do the things we love, explore and run around. We have lots of energy and move all the time. Life is one big adventure where everything is possible.  Somewhere on the way to the adult life things change. Life starts to appear more flat and and heavy. … Continue reading Create magic in your life. Now!

RAW yoga weekend on Senja!

3 Mai – 5 Mai 2019, Kråkeslottet Senja Come to experience the raw nature of the North & revitalise! We will stay at a charming place at the end of the world, breathe big, move like water, explore the body and mind, go for walks, bath in the Arctic sea and indulge with delicious raw food. Strala yoga Strala is all about moving how feels … Continue reading RAW yoga weekend on Senja!

Meditation. What? Why? How?

I’ve decided to write a post about meditation because it’s one of the biggest subjects in my life (next to ice bathing which is actually also meditation to me). Without exaggerating, I really can not see my life without a regular meditation practice. It is enriching for me in so many ways. I want to increase the awareness around the topic of meditation and inspire more … Continue reading Meditation. What? Why? How?