We all have something we absolutely love to do. Something that makes us feel alive and present. Something that fascinates us and brings us it the flow – this magical state where we get focused and happy and our usual needs become less important. For me it’s drawing. When I draw I feel both excited and relaxed at the same time.

I love drawing people and places. I am interested in catching the vibes. Capturing a certain mood or message which the person or the place is sending out. It’s important that the drawing is talking, that it’s somehow alive. Then it can be called a conscious drawing.

I choose to create drawings which are uplifting and positive. Drawings which carry vibes of connectedness, joy, love, inner beauty, courage, peace, excitement etc. I believe we all have these qualities in us. When I draw a person I intend to capture her/his most radiating part so that each time the person looks at the drawing, it activates and strengthens the highest qualities within.

If you are interested in a personal conscious drawing contact me via e-mail.

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