We all have something we absolutely LOVE TO DO. Something which makes us feel ALIVE. Something that fascinates us and brings us in the flow. Into that magical state of focus and happiness. Suddenly we don’t need to eat or drink, not even use the toilet. For me it’s drawing. 

When I draw, I am interested in catching the vibes. Capturing a certain mood of people, places, objects. Delivering a message. I wish that my drawings are speaking. That they are alive. 

I choose to create drawings which are uplifting and filled with life. Drawings which carry the energy of connectedness, joy, love, beauty, peace, excitement.. I believe we all have these qualities within us. When I draw a person, I intend to capture her/his most radiating part so that each time the person looks at the drawing, it activates and strengthens the highest qualities within.


If you are interested this type of drawing, a personal conscious drawing, please, connect with me via e-mail, Instagram or Facebook and I will be happy to work with you!

Instagram: @piabrunost

Facebook: Renata Rucka 

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