Retreat – what does it mean at all?

There is a few of interesting definitions of this word in the Cambridge dictionary:

-to go away from a place or a person in order to escape from the fight or danger

-a period of time used to pray and study quietly, or to think carefully, away from normal activities and duties

-to decide no to do something, or to stop believing something, because it causes too many problems

I think each of these definitions contents a bit of what retreat means to me, plus much more!

It’s definitely going to a place, for a period of time, away from everyday activities, where we can slow down, recharge, disconnect from the virtual world in order to connect with ourselves, as well as with beautiful landscapes and people we meet.

Ideally we use this time to quiet our minds, do less, feel more and create more space in our lives for what what supports us and makes us feel whole and balanced. We get inspired, learn new things and find fresh perspectives. We grow.

Retreat days should be filled with revitalising activities and nurturing food. I m thinking of yoga, meditation, walks, sea bathings, sauna, delicious foods and relaxed vibes where we can be open and don t need to prove or achieve anything.

I would love to create a retreat like that. Bring together the nordic nature, NYC yoga, great food and most importantly amazing people from all over the world! We have so much to share,  experience and learn from each other!

I am feeling excitement while writing these lines and I can’t wait for this to happen!

Stay tuned for more details!:)


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