RAW yoga weekend on Senja!

3 Mai – 5 Mai 2019, Kråkeslottet Senja Come to experience the raw nature of the North & revitalise! We will stay at a charming place at the end of the world, breathe big, move like water, explore the body and mind, go for walks, bath in the Arctic sea and indulge with delicious raw food. Strala yoga Strala is all about moving how feels … Continue reading RAW yoga weekend on Senja!

Meditation. What? Why? How?

I’ve decided to write a post about meditation because it’s one of the biggest subjects in my life (next to ice bathing which is actually also meditation to me). Without exaggerating, I really can not see my life without a regular meditation practice. It is enriching for me in so many ways. I want to increase the awareness around the topic of meditation and inspire more … Continue reading Meditation. What? Why? How?

Yoga weekend on Senja: Sun arrival & chocolate ritual

Kråkeslottet Senja, 15. February – 17. February 2019     In February the Sun returns back to the North which is truly magical. The morning sky has all different tones of rose, purple and orange. The days get brighter and longer after the long winter. There is a new fresh energy in the air and a lot of excitement for the period of light to … Continue reading Yoga weekend on Senja: Sun arrival & chocolate ritual

Together, we created magic ..

  Raw nature Charming house Exciting people Heart opening exercises Breath & movement based yoga Energising ice bath Relaxing sauna Nourishing food PUT ALL THIS TOGETHER AND EXPERIENCE THAT MAGIC IS REAL   Last weekend I had a pleasure to host a yoga retreat at the beautiful Kråkeslottet on Senja island in North Norway. 12 people from 8 different countries – Norway, France, Czech Republic, Germany, … Continue reading Together, we created magic ..

Strala yoga. Meditation. Chocolate ritual. InSPIRE yoga studio in Tromsø.

  Winter in North Norway is intimate, magical and meditative. vs. Winter in North Norway is dark, cold and long.   Which of these two scenarios do you like more? Which one would you choose if you could? Because you can. There are tools. Tuning inwards:  meditation and yoga Embracing the nature element: spending time in nature no matter the weather, ice bathing Indulging with … Continue reading Strala yoga. Meditation. Chocolate ritual. InSPIRE yoga studio in Tromsø.

Yoga weekend. “Embracing the winter.”

Kråkeslottet Senja, 30. November – 2. December 2018 Another exciting weekend retreat packed with powerful self care tools. Revitalise your body and mind with yoga and meditation. Indulge yourself with nourishing food, hot chocolate, sauna and time to rest.  During this weekend we will focus on enjoying the winter rather then surviving it. We will practice gaining and conserving energy through yoga, meditation and ice bathing (optional, … Continue reading Yoga weekend. “Embracing the winter.”

My new mornings: Yerba Mate. Meditation. Oatmeal.

Morning routines. They are supposed to help us feel grounded, balanced and inspired. Do you have some? I do. And I can totally say they work. I like to upgrade my routines from time to time and bring in some fresh air. In this post I want to share with you some of my morning rituals which make me feel great. Because you never know … Continue reading My new mornings: Yerba Mate. Meditation. Oatmeal.

Dinner brownie with parsnip, millet, raspberries and “tahinitella”

These brownies were created of three main reasons. Number one: This year was too generous with raspberries. We were picking and picking and eating and making desserts, but the raspberries just continued growing like crazy! So I had to find a way to use them. Number two: I loooove brownies! More precisely, I love brownies which I can eat whenever I wish, even for dinner, … Continue reading Dinner brownie with parsnip, millet, raspberries and “tahinitella”

Yogahelg på Senja!

Velkommen til yogahelg som arrangeres på Kråkeslottet Senja i mai! På dette kurset skal vi fokusere på å skape mer rom i kropp og sinn gjennom yoga og meditasjon, samt skal vi gi kroppen masse god pleie med badstu, sjøbading og nydelig kortreist mat. Hvis været tillater det skal vi gjøre yoga ute på stranda. I tillegg skal vi dele noen nyttige tips om hvordan å … Continue reading Yogahelg på Senja!