Let’s talk about food!:)

I like to perceive food as a miracle, medicine, gift, pleasure and nourishment.

A miracle? Yes, indeed! I mean, how does an apple happen? The life in a seed being activated by water and energy from the sun, absorbing nutrition from the soil – from the actual surface of the Earth, to turn into a plant with beautiful flowers, being pollinated by bees to eventually create a fruit! How is it possible not call this magic?

There is so many gifts in the nature – amazing fruits, berries, mushrooms, herbs, spices… packed with exactly those nutritions our bodies need. How perfect!

Nature really is an extremely intelligent and generous magician.

I love to explore this divine connection between nature and our food. It reminds me of how  close we are to the Earth. It makes me feel gratitude and fills me with excitement.

On this site I want to share some fun recipes for meals which are both healthy and satisfying, because what is the point of eating healthy if it does not taste good?

As I love sweet breakfasts and desserts, I focus on how to make them naturally sweet and more sustainable for the well being. I want to enjoy my cake and still feel amazing afterwards. I want to feel nourished and pleased, instead of feeling disconnected.

No more sugar coma, heavy stomach or guilty feelings. 🙂


By the way, have you heard about raw food? Do you want to know more? Go over to this article and find out how to make all the recipes on the pictures below.


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