I love yoga.

Most specifically, I love Strala yoga! Let me explain why on the following lines.

There is a lot of yoga forms out there with different approaches, as well as there is a lot of different people with different backgrounds and priorities. The fact, is we all have bodies, minds and feelings. We all walk through life, experiencing its ups and downs, meeting both pleasant and challenging situations. We can learn to meet the challenges with more ease, as well as we can learn how to create more balance in our bodies and minds.

This is what I want from my yoga. I want it to help me feel balanced and whole and cultivate ease and grace in my life. I want it to help me build a strong, capable and moveable body and mind without building a strong ego. I want it to respect my freedom and uniqueness by giving me space to feel and move how it is natural for me.


That is why I love Strala yoga. NYC based, nature inspired yoga style which builds on breath body connection, natural movement, and practising ease and grace. Strala encourages us to explore ourselves by moving all we have in all possible directions, slowly enough to feel and respond to it accordingly. What we end up with is that special experience of joy, calm and empowerment.

At Strala we are reminded to focus on how we practise rather then achieving poses. We all want to feel good and comfortable with who we are.  So let’s practice how we want to be. Over and over again. Because what we practice, we become good at. If we choose to practice grace, ease and connectedness we will experience it on our lives. If we choose to practise tension, rigidity and ego we will become good at it.  It’s about the choice we make. Every single day, every single minute.

In my eyes, Strala is an inspiring movement system and a radiant and expanding community of light workers and natural movers. I am very grateful for all the experience  I had during my stay at Strala NYC at Strala summer camp, Ready to lead training and guest guiding at Strala NYC. Thank you Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor for creating this intelligent, fun and always so including yoga! Thanks you, all the great people I have met on my journey. I feel lucky to be a part of this yoga univers and I welcome everyone to join! Read more about my experience form NYC here.


To sum it up, here are four main things I learnt from Strala yoga.

1. I realised the importance of connectedness and ease in life. Wherever we are, on the mat, on the street, while grocery shopping or while having conversation with a friend we can always practice those two. Because when we feel connected and at ease,  we tend to do the right things, think the right thoughts, give the right advice and make the right choices.

2. I learnt to use my breath as a tool to quiet my mind and create more space for what really matters. With every inhale everything expands, with every exhale everything softens. Every inhale creates more space within me, every exhale makes me more relaxed.

3. I learnt to rely on my body intelligence and let it navigate my movement, both on the mat and in every day life. I allow myself to move how it is natural for me, and be myself. I understood that being different means being unique rather then weird. I realised that authenticity is valued more then perfection.

4. I learnt about support and self care. I understood how important it is to take care of myself, so that I can take care of others. I learnt to ask for support when I need it and feel grateful when receiving it.

I hope you are feeling great with your yoga because this might be the point: Feel great!


Yoga videos for inspiration

Cover photo by Gunnar Kristiansen.