“Simply aware.” Yoga and meditation weekend in the arctic hideaway. Spring equinox 2021.

19. march – 21. march 2021

We invite you to spend a special weekend with yoga and meditation on Fleinvær, an island in Northern Norway with spectacular landscape which is a perfect place for connecting to the nature elements and diving deeper into the existence.

A great part of the experience, and your home for the weekend is the The Arctic hideaway, a real gem of a place which brings together minimalistic architecture and raw nature.

We have 8 places available. Will one of them be yours?

During your stay you will have a chance to start days with a cold sea bath and wood fired sauna. You will learn how to meditate more efficiently and establish or deepen your meditation practice. You will be guided in Strala yoga, a popular yoga style which combines elements of yoga, thai chi and natural movement. There will also be enough time to soak in the nature and simply contemplate on life.

As the weekend falls on the Spring equinox, which celebrates spring as a symbol of new life and new beginnings, this will be a perfect time for you to introduce new practices and set new intentions for your life.

Make time to simply BE.

Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær


Strala yoga is a movement system which has been gaining popularity all over the world the last couple of years.
We will explore the main elements of Strala which is breath body connection, natural movement and conserving of energy. Strala yoga is an efficient way to practice releasing stress and better communicate with your body. It is an enjoyable and intelligent form of yoga as a you tool for you to create your own wellbeing. Read more about Strala here.

Renata Rucka

Renata Rucka will be leading yoga sessions during the weekend. Renata took her yoga teacher training in 2017, at the Strala yoga studio on NYC, where she was also a guest yoga guide, one year later. From then on she has been leading offered Strala yoga classes at Northern Norway. In 2018 she started to arrange yoga weekends in Norway.
She likes the idea of guiding people into a blissful experience using tools as yoga, ice bathing and natural desserts. She loves to feed everyone around with home made chocolate.

NB: During the weekend we will learn to make own raw chocolate!


Gunnar Kristiansen

Gunnar Kristiansen will be leading meditation sessions during the weekend. Gunnar is a biologist and a meditation explorer. He has been practising meditation for over 20 years. He has also been trained in using deep transe states like Ultra-Height hypnosis to help access the higher states of consciousness and gain a better understanding of ourselves and the challenges we meet in life. During the weekend we will explore this concept and learn how to use it in everyday life.


The arctic hideaway will be serving delicious breakfast and we will be in charge of dinner and refreshments during the day. We wish to use local ingredients as much as possible. Local fish and vegetables, as well as self picked cloudberries. We are open to adapt the menu so that it suits you if you are vegetarian or vegan.


Included in the price:

2x nights in The Arctic Hideaway
wood fired sauna
2 x breakfast
2 x dinner
snacks & refreshments during the day
5 x yoga and meditation sessions
raw chocolate workshop

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 5500 NOK if you book by the end of 2020!

SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICE: 4500 NOK if you book by the Christmas Eve 24. 12.2020!


The nearest city is Bodø. Public speed ferries run from the port in Bodø just 12 min walk from the airport. There are an average of 2 daily departures to and from the island. 

NOTE 1: We may see days with heavy winds which may cause transport delays and/or cancellations. Combine your trip with the urban life in Bodø and spend a night there before or after your stay.

NOTE 2: Purple skies, northern lights, and heavy winds can suddenly become a reason to stay for longer. Don’t book too short a stay.  We recommend at least two nights to enter the state of mind necessary to begin to see what this amazing place is all about.

Please, find more general info about the place here, or send me an email to: for.renata.rucka@gmail.com


You can reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to: for.renata.rucka@gmail.com, and paying the deposit of 3000 NOK, using Vipps, Pay Pal or back transfer.

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