Oat yogurt – the sour addiction

I love yogurt and I love oats, so when I found out that I can make oat yogurt which is delicious, creamy and vegan, and which can also be used as a sourdough starter to make bread, I became very excited and ready to experiment. Making oat yogurt is actually much easier then I thought and once you get used to the taste, you want to make it again and again. I make it every week!:) Here is how:

What do I need?

2 cups oats

3 cups cold fresh water

2 -3 TBSP  yogurt culture – yogurt, oat yogurt, buttermilk, probiotics tablet

optional – 10 Tbsp of creamy coconut milk – if you want a richer flavour

What do I do?

Blend the water and oats until smooth. Mix in the culture. Cover with a clean kitchen cloth and let it stand somewhere nice and warm. Soon the fermentation process will start, so in a day or two you will notice small bubbles popping up as well as the sour smell will gradually start to develop. The longer it stands the more sour it becomes. Once you’re satisfied with the taste, place your yogurt in the fridge. Usually after 3 or 4 days. The process of fermentation continues in the fridge but far more slowly. Save some of your oat yogurt as a starter for next time you want to make it again! As mentioned above, you can also use this yogurt as a sourdough starter to make bread, buns, scones or even pizza! Find the recipe for the sourdough rye bread here.

I love to eat this yogurt for breakfast with a lot of fruits, nuts, seeds, vanilla, frozen berries  and maple sirup. It is also very nice with raw apples or cooked apple sauce, cinnamon and tahini!:)

What is your favourite combination?


e bread here.

2 responses to “Oat yogurt – the sour addiction”

  1. Hello Renata!

    Trying the recipe right now.
    As winter is here I am leaving the concoction near the radiator but not on it. On a desk adjacent to it. So it´s warm and cozy. Will see in 3 or 4 days if I can have yogurt again.

    I used to love the one my mom prepared when I was a kid, but it´s become so industrialized now I don´t like it. Also I prefer not to eat dairy, so I am crossing my fingers on this one.

    Loving your minimalist posts, I have done so much progress lately. It seems like truckoads of stuff have left my apartment. Your posts are so happy they fill me with ideas. Inspiration is always welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Florencia!:) thank you so much for your message! It made me so happy! Cool that you are making oat yogurt I am making mine too, started yesterday and today it s almost ready. It s really nice to add some coconut cream too for even richer consistence. I really hope you like it! Also, I didn t realize that it s winter in Argentina, so I ll make the post about ice bathing for you soon! Have a great day! xoxo


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