How to make your birthday happy & the apple liquorice chocolate cake

We all have different feelings about out birthday. They can vary from high to low or something between.:) I had my birthday yesterday and I would love to share 4 things which made my birthday feel really nice and meaningful.

Have no expectations. This is a big one. Do not expect too much from your B-day, just let it flow and focus on what you love in your life. In this way you give the Universe and  yourself the free playground to come with some nice surprises and remarkable moments.

Connect with friends. Connectedness always makes the trick. You do not have to host a huge party to connect with people! I had a dear friend coming over for coffee and cake and I made an amazing thai dinner with another special friend. I also called a couple of friends who I have not been in touch for a while. These meetings felt so nice and intimate and  made me feel rich and grateful.

Realise why you are here. This is my main point. Yesterday while walking to the grocery store I had this intense feeling about what birthday means to me. I felt it as a clear reminder of my decision to come into this life. Jump right into it and flow through, remembering who I am, never forgetting. Living without fear, being authentic, raw, honest and strong. Staying true to myself, cultivating clear mind, playfulness and creativity, strong and soft body, kindness and love for myself and everyone.

Make your own cake. One thing I really love about my birthday is making the cake! I always end up with something new and exciting. I am not waiting for anyone to do it, and if someone does, there will be more cakes which is great! This year it happened to be an apple & liquorice chocolate cake! It is easy to make and so tasty! Here is the recipe:

What do I need?

2 apples – peeled and finely grated

1 handful of dates

2 spoons of almond butter

1 spoon of softened coconut oil

1 cup of nut milk, water, apple juice or strong coffee – choose what you prefer

pinch of salt, cinnamon and liquorice powder – optional

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup buckwheat flour

1 chewy liquorice stick – cut into pieces

40 g  chocolate bar – 85 % cacao

What do I do?

Blend the dates, almond butter and the liquid of your choice. You can use hand blander. Place the mixture in a bigger bowl, add all the remaining ingredients and mix together. Then throw in some pieces of dark chocolate and liquorice. Pour into a baking form with a baking paper on the bottom. Bake for about 30 minutes on 190 degrees. Let it rest a bit, then melt the chocolate and cover the cake with it. Decorate with more liquorice pieces.

I hope you enjoy this cake no matter if you are celebrating birthday or not!:)

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