RAW yoga weekend on Senja!

3 Mai – 5 Mai 2019, Kråkeslottet Senja

Come to experience the raw nature of the North & revitalise!

We will stay at a charming place at the end of the world, breathe big, move like water, explore the body and mind, go for walks, bath in the Arctic sea and indulge with delicious raw food.

Strala yoga
Strala is all about moving how feels most natural for you, tuning in, breathing big and cultivating ease and grace in your yoga and life. It is about dropping the tension and practising feeling good. No pushing or forcing, just allowing things to happen in a more organic way.


Raw food
Raw food is also known as living food or high vibe food which means that it naturally increases the frequency of your body and makes you feel more alive, energised and light in your body. Your may also experience more clarity and peace in you mind.
During the weekend we will enjoy beautiful smoothie bowls, vegetable wraps, raw fruits, nuts and seeds,  raw chocolate, as well as amazing raw cakes. They are intense, rich and packed with superfoods. We will create huge vibrant salads together, with some exciting dressings made of nuts, healthy oils, fresh herbs and spices.  We will also bend some rules and include quinoa, oats, rice or peanut butter, as well as some hot drinks. We want to go soft on ourselves and focus on creating and enjoying meals which are natural, uplifting, delicious, and fun to prepare.


Stunning nature
The nature on the west part of Senja where the retreat takes place is dramatic and raw. It brings you into the present moment. Instantly. We will have time to walk, hike and bath in the sea and relax in sauna, as well as simply be and observe.

strand m krslott siri siri gedde-dahl 2012-3


Friday 3 Mai

15 – 17 Arriving at Kråkeslottet, coffee, tea & raw cake – millionaire shortbread, cold bath
19.00  Dinner – raw vegan vegetable rolls, the story behind Kråkeslottet
20.30 – Good night yoga and evening tea

Saturday 4 Mai
7.30 Ice bathing and hot drink
8.00 – 9.00 Meditation and yoga
9.30 –10.30 Breakfast – raw green smoothie bowls with fresh fruits and raw chocolate
11 – 13  Outdoor – walk, hike, swim
13.30 Lunch – raw vibrant salad & quinoa, raw carrot cake 
15 – 18 Yoga workshop
19 Dinner – raw vegan sushi rolls & banana ice cream with peanut butter sauce
20 Sauna

Sunday 5 Mai
8.00 Ice bathing
8.30 – 9.30  Morning meditation and yoga
10.00 Breakfast – raw pink smoothie bowl with fresh fruits and raw chocolate
11 – 13  Outdoor – walk, hike, swim
13.30 Lunch – raw fruits & vegetable buffet, raw blueberry cake 
14.30 Workshop and closing cycle
16 – 18 Leaving Kråkeslottet on own schedule


Price: 3700 NOK (370 EUR)

NB! Early bird price 2900 NOK (290 EUR) if reserved before the end of march!

Included in the price:
2 x night accommodation
5 x yoga and meditation sessions
2 x mostly raw dinner, lunch, breakfast
2 x morning chai latte
wood fired sauna
bed sheets, towels, yogamats, wool blankets
5 bathrooms og toilets – to be shared

Max 10-12 participants.
The workshops are led in english.

NB! Lower price available for students and persons with low income for the time being


On Friday:
From Tromsø: 13.43 boat to Finnsnes, then bus at 15.5O to Bøvær

On Sunday:
To Tromsø: a bus at 19.34 from Skaland to Finnsnes and from there a corresponding boat to Tromsø

NB: It is also possible to arrange the transport with other participants who drive to Bøvær and back, via a Facebook group I will create for this event.


To book your place at the weekend send an e-mail to for.renata.rucka@gmail.com






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